What My Clients Say

Paraic has provided me with invaluable coaching over the past six months. His exceptional guidance and insights have been instrumental in my career progression and personal growth.

His strategic approach and thoughtful advice have empowered me to overcome challenges, seize new opportunities, and achieve significant milestones in my career. Paraic’s coaching has not only helped me navigate complex professional situations but has also fostered a deep sense of self-awareness and confidence. His encouragement and constructive feedback have inspired me to push beyond my comfort zone and realize my full potential.

The transformation I have experienced under Paraic’s guidance extends beyond my professional life. His holistic approach has positively impacted my personal development, enhancing my leadership skills, emotional intelligence, and overall well-being. I wholeheartedly recommend Paraic Keenan and KeenEdge Consulting to anyone seeking to advance their career and personal growth. Paraic is a true catalyst for success, and I am incredibly grateful for the positive impact he has had on my journey.

David Byrne – Zurich Insurance

Paraic has exceptional listening skills, a thoughtful approach and a great ability to recognise when to talk and when to listen. Through his guidance, I have improved how I approach challenges across both my working and personal life. I’ve developed an increased sense of clarity and focus, gaining valuable insight into how best to manage my time and priorities. Overall, I highly recommend Paraic and I look forward to working with him again!

John Carroll – Melbourne

“Thank you Paraic for an excellently facilitated session for the Flutter Technology Strategy team in Porto in August 2022. This was the first coming together of a new team and Paraic expertly guided us to delivering an aligned vision and set of values for the team. Everyone was complimentary of the role that Paraic played, the way that he put all participants at ease and got them involved in the session”
“I’d gladly recommend you to my Flutter colleagues and I hope we get the opportunity to work together again soon”

Sean Farren – Director of Strategy & Insight, Flutter Technology - Flutter Inc

“Keen Edge’s professional coaching service has been transformative for me.
Paraic’s coaching approach is characterized by his unwavering empathy, trustworthiness, and exceptional listening skills. From our very first session, it was evident that he genuinely cared about my development and well-being, creating a safe and supportive environment where I felt comfortable sharing my thoughts and concerns. His ability to foster this level of trust is truly remarkable and set the foundation for our productive partnership.

One of the most striking qualities of Paraic’s coaching is his remarkable skill in challenging me to stretch my boundaries. He pushed me beyond my comfort zone, encouraging me to explore new perspectives and tackle challenges with greater confidence.
Perhaps the most transformative aspect of my journey with Paraic was the significant boost in my confidence. I have ceased doubting myself and have found a renewed sense of self-assuredness.

I cannot recommend Keen Edge’s coaching services enough. His empathy, trust, listening skills, and ability to challenge clients to achieve their full potential make him a true gem in the field of coaching. Thanks to his guidance, I have accomplished more than I ever thought possible. If you are seeking a professional coaching service that truly delivers results, look no further than Keen Edge.”

Kate Donohoe

“We had Paraic from KeenEdge Consulting in The Fold for a 2-hour wellness and goal setting workshop. The team learned about how to manage their energy, set goals and become more mindful. We picked up many useful hints, tips, tools and techniques to live a happier and healthier life. We look forward to working with Paraic on an ongoing basis”

Emily Griffiths - The Fold - Dubai

“I thoroughly enjoyed my coaching partnership with Paraic. He tailored every session to my needs and challenged me to really broaden my thinking across the areas of focus we had throughout the partnership. Having facilitated 360 feedback from my colleagues, Paraic worked with me to map out growth opportunities to hone in on areas of development highlighted in the feedback”
“The coaching programme was a key driver in helping me progress to a new level in my career. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Paraic and KeenEdge Consulting to any individual or organisation looking to work with a coach”

Andrew Doyle - Dublin

“Paraic ran a wellness workshop for our team in Musgrave in Sept 2022. It was an interactive session covering what existing wellness practices support us as individuals daily, and a guide through practical tools and techniques that we can adapt to support our day-to-day wellbeing”
“Paraic is a skilled facilitator, allowing each of the team to participate on their own terms. The session was insightful and based on real actions the team could take to manage and improve their wellbeing”
“I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Paraic and KeenEdge Consulting to any company looking run a similar session. We will continue to work with Paraic into the future”

Niall Mullally – Head of Digital Customer Experience – Musgrave Group

“As an independent and unbiased support, Paraic provides time and space by actively listening which may be difficult to find in the workplace. I have found Paraic’s coaching style and challenging insights invaluable. Initially I didn’t fully appreciate the potential in working with an executive coach. Working with Paraic clearly demonstrated the benefit and has given me a different point of view”
“Paraic is tireless in his support in making new habits stick. He has enabled me to grow, grow the team I lead, and improve my management style, while creating a stronger sense of awareness as a leader in a fast-growing company. Paraic and I have been in a coaching partnership since late 2021, during that time my role and responsibilities have changed following a promotion from Product Head to VP of Product”

David Long – New Jersey

“We have been partnered with Paraic since November 2021 for Executive coaching and workshop delivery. Paraic has made a very positive impact on our European and US based teams both professionally and personally. During that time, Paraic has gotten to know our culture and ways of working so that our people can best maximise their existing strengths even further. I look forward to our continued partnership growing stronger into 2023”

Laurence Butler – Global Senior Director – HubSpot for Startups

“I attended Paraic’s ‘My Self Care’ workshop and loved it. He led us through an exercise which I found so insightful. I’m far more aware of how I’m approaching my self care throughout the week now, without putting too much pressure on myself like I did before. Already feeling so much better”
Thanks Paraic!

Rob Smith – London

“Paraic is a trusted coach who builds strong relationships with his clients. I found him to be an excellent listener and an empathetic coach, with a very warm personality. He introduced me to clever tools and tips that encouraged and challenged me to think deeply and differently. I would highly recommend Paraic for any type of one to one or group coaching”

Anna Callaghan - Dublin

“I had the pleasure of partnering with Paraic on a four-session Performance coaching program recently. His holistic, tailored, and empathic approach combined with practical exercises ensured each session’s outcome was focused & goal orientated. I came away from the program with a clear sense of direction and a roadmap for implementing those goals. Looking forward to partnering with him again in the future”

Laura Daly - Qatar

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