1:1 coaching

1:1 coaching also known as individual coaching is a type of coaching designed to support people to create change in their lives. This can be improving a skill, building a system, achieving personal goals, identifying your values and setting boundaries to strengthen your own environment and the environment of those around you.

1:1 coaching is tailored to your individual needs. In a confidential session a client will feel comfortable sharing their goals, aspirations, challenges and pinch points. In a 1:1 session the coach commits their full energy to the individual to get an understanding of where they are now and where they want to go.

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Group Coaching

Group coaching helps people to understand and learn how to work with others in their teams and organisation. The coach facilitates the session while the participants work together to support one another, gain actions and take specific measures to reach a common goal.

In group coaching individuals can be coached within a group from the same department or from various parts the company in a variety of areas like how to communicate effectively, managing conflict and honing emotional intelligence skills.

The benefits of group coaching are that Individuals learn from each other in a fun and collaborative environment where they reflect together and mirror how others within the group can support their colleagues. This is a very powerful way of bringing a group of people together to grow collectively.

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Group Coaching - Keen Edge Consulting

Corporate Team Coaching Packages

Corporate team coaching packages can be tailored and designed to suit the requirements of the client and the organisation. Team packages can be in the form of 90-day workshops with weekly or fortnightly coaching sessions available in a group or 1:1 setting. Corporate team packages offer a great opportunity to introduce emotional intelligence and behaviour evaluations to give participants a data driven view of where they are today.

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Group Coaching - Keen Edge Consulting

Wellness Webinars & Workshops

Wellness webinars and workshops are a fantastic way for organisations to support staff with their wellbeing and provide tools, tips and techniques on linking personal development to professional performance. Colleagues can connect together in a virtual or physical environment to take some time out to look at their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.

Balance in life is crucial, when we have it, we can divide our time and energy across all areas of our being ensuring the appropriate focus on personal development, career, learning, family and community to support our overall wellness.

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