Frequently Asked Questions

What is coaching powered by neuroscience?

The WIN (Whole-System Integrated with Neuroscience) model of coaching is a strengths focused method of coaching which integrates and aligns your whole system; head, heart & gut for improved wellness, clarity and fulfilment both personally and professionally.

Coaching with Neuroscience is a creative process that offers a unique way to listen, explore, raise awareness and make choices. Together we build on what we learn along the way to inform our next choice, the next steps and the new learning opportunities.

The WIN (Whole-System Integrated with Neuroscience) model of coaching is an evolved method of coaching underpinned by positive psychology and powered by neuroscience. 

What isn’t coaching? And how does coaching differ from counselling and therapy?

Coaching isn’t a straightforward Q&A process, you won’t be given the answers, instead through active listening, asking powerful questions, creating space and agreed actions a coach can support a client to find their own answers within.

The aim of Counselling and therapy is to understand your past and delve into deeper issues to relieve stresses or concerns. Coaching may touch on your past; however, the focus is more on the here and now. If at any stage coaching takes you to a place where you aren’t comfortable with you can simply ask to move on elsewhere.

Are sessions confidential?

Yes, coaching is 100% confidential.

Why is there an introductory session? And what happens in it?

These introductory sessions are designed to get to know each other, a chemistry check to figure out how well a coach and a client could work well together to support the client in achieving their goals.

This is a standard offering within the industry to check for compatibility. There is no commitment on either party… it’s a chat.

Why come to Coaching online?

You can avail of coaching in a flexible manner to fit in with your schedule in a confidential environment. We can discuss the benefits of coaching online on a free introductory call.

Do you offer face-to-face and group Coaching in person?

Yes, please feel free to reach out to set up a free introductory call to learn more.

How long should I commit to Coaching?

This varies depending on where you are, where you want to go and how quickly you want to get there. Impact can be made quickly, or sometimes a more continued engagement can be needed.

How do I select a Coach?

A free no-obligation informal introductory call is a great way to explore whether there is a good fit for a coach and client to partner up. This is about you; you need to feel confident and comfortable that you and your coach can work together successfully.

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