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Paraic Keenan - Keen Edge ConsultingReflecting back on my younger days in Co. Cavan, school wasn’t a place where I excelled. Not being overly academic at the time, I struggled to find subjects or topics that resonated with me through my school years. On finishing my Leaving Certificate in 1999 I took a decision to postpone formal further education, move to Dublin and join the workforce.

From my first job in the post-room at Vodafone, I thrived on the excitement and intensity of working in an office environment, opportunities to grow professionally, and meet a diverse set of friends and colleagues on my journey. My upbringing in a countryside pub in Ireland had gifted me transferrable soft skills, a solid work ethic and strong interpersonal skills. These skills provided a platform to be successful at what I have loved most through my career, building relationships. My subsequent career in sales and marketing has offered me an informal study in human behaviour and relationships, both through the clients I’ve worked with and also with the high performing sales and relationship management teams I’ve built and led. It also allowed me to understand the specific value proposition I bring, which has underpinned my successes.

The return to further education happened during my professional career, where I’ve achieved a diploma in Coaching with Neuroscience via Positive Success Group, and diplomas in Business Studies and IT via Dublin Business School. These accreditations have been hugely rewarding for me, achieved at a time of my career where I found subjects that resonated with me.

Having travelled extensively, and worked overseas in Australia and the UAE, I very much embrace diversity in both thinking, and approaches to living a fruitful life. I have a general interest in people from all walks of life and feel enriched by the varied stories they’ve offered me.

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